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What a perfect storm – G Fam Black, XL the Beast over CLOAQxDAGGER production. That’s the recipe right there for some dope hip hop and when you see a lineup like that, you can be sure it’s worth your listen. CxD always deliver on the production tip. They’ve got a great ear for the sound they want to create and they source some of the dopest samples. They also have the ability to make music in a variety of different ways without sacrificing that authenticity of sound of the culture.

Peace of Mind‘ is case in point. Now, on first look I had in my head how this was gonna go. A big, booming, bully track. Concrete cracking production with two heavyweight emcees just ripping it apart and taking no prisoners. One out of two ain’t bad! XL the Beast and G Fam Black come super-correct on this one. Hardbody bars, delivered with controlled fury and passion that draw you in. Check. The difference is, CLOAQxDAGGER went a little ‘Dr Dre Chronic 2001’ on their production vibe. The sample flip is awesome and the different vibe is welcomed and this track got back to back plays for about 15 rotations!

If you haven’t listened to G Fam and XL catch bodies over this banger, then stop reading and start listening below. Now.

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By Brutus Maximus

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