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G Fam Black drops the ‘Hammers’ on the new EP.

Produced entirely by Tali Rodriguez, G Fam Black continues his hard hitting nature with the new ‘Hammers’ EP. G Fam is popping up everywhere, working alongside other talented emcees and dropping killer sixteens, but he has also got his hustle on and dropped a number of projects in 2020 that we’ve covered as well.

This newest one is a banger. In true EP style, it only takes about 20 minutes of your time, and you get hit with vicious flows and heavy bars throughout. A quick look at the tracklist and names for each song and you know that G Fam Black ain’t messing around. You won’t find any radio-friendly, upbeat, fun loving, cruisey vibe jams on this one – just hardcore street music, with beats that punch you in the face and lyrics that finish the job.

Go and cop or stream Hammers now.

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