To be fair, this is a pretty dope track and uses a number of famous diss track quotes on the hook – Canibus ‘let the world know the truth’ and closes with the Jay Z classic from The Takeover – ‘you n&%gas gonna learn to respect the King’ etc..

The beats hard and Mag actually spits hard over this which beats some of the trap heavy stuff he’s done recently. Mag comes out of the gate swinging claiming that Paz has stolen hooks and more, takes aim at his ‘lack of love in the hood’ and calls him fake – pointing at a number of ‘examples’ of contradictions from Muslim to mobster, cop killer to cops in the crew etc.

This is obviously a beef that Mag has held for a while, and it comes in really salty. There are some clearly personal issues between the two and the lack of respect is evident. A number of professional failings come to the fold with ‘extortion to get paid’ are laid bare too…. Mag even goes as far as to mock Vinnie’s name being ‘stolen’ referencing Vinny Paz the boxer (although The Pazmanian Devil was a talented young boxer in his day too).

As far as a diss record, this is pretty tame. It’s a nice song, some powerful delivery and we will have to wait and see if there is a response from Paz. It does seem incredibly odd timing from King Magnetic’s part though – unless he feels he has done enough to derail the launch of Boxcutter Pazzy’s new record ‘As Above, So Below’ which is dropping now too….. Unlikely as this track doesn’t pack enough punch. If anything it just puts Vinnie’s name in the headlines more which will only be good for album sales!

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