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Name: A-God The Old Soul

City: Providence, RI

Bio: Hailing from Providence, RI, I’ve been crafting rhymes since 13 years old (almost 20 years). Earlier heavy influences included artists with heavy social/political tones like Dead Prez and Immortal Technique, as well as more lyrical emcees like Killah Priest and Inspectah Deck. After experiencing my own story I followed my predecessors with socially inspired content with a technical expertise. I also tends to delve into the spiritual and philosophical side of existence in his works.

A-God The Old Soul(formerly just A-God) has released 8 projects since 2013, 2 with rapper/producer group False Idol(with Evil Genius), and 5 solo projects with producers including Brutal Caesar, Jus-Listen, Knuckle Up, and Jack The Rich.

Future releases include E.P.s with producers WhiskeyMan Music(UK), Skinny Bonez The Godfather, and The Suspect Allegedly.  

Social Media


Instagram: @agodfalseidol

Twitter: @agodfalseidol

YouTube: A-God The Old Soul Topic Channel. Official Videos on Grind Mode Cypher YT Channel.

When / how did you start out?

I started out in the early 2000s writing during and after school, and become consumed with it, I sorta had a rough childhood and it was therapy for me. There was something about the complexity of what certain underground emcees were doing that just spoke to me, and I just knew its what I was gonna do. 

Who are some people who inspire you / your work?

Anybody out there being who they were born to be! I try to find inspiration in actions, ideas, and situations. I believe the best songs come from life’s obstacles, so I tend to let them build my concepts.

Describe your style in 5 words or less.

Witty, unpredictable, visual, honest.

What’s your favourite project you’ve done?

At the moment Purified in Fire, simply for the fact that I loosely tell the story of my life’s hardest battle throughout the tape.  I also changed my stage name right before this release, so to me it symbolizes my switch to walking my true path.

What would your dream project be?

It’s probably a ways away from happening , but something genre bending. I’m a huge fan of all different types of music, so to mix my craft with something new all together would be my dream project. Definitely gonna keep smacking yall with boombap for the time being though. 

Who has given you the hottest feature?

Mo Rukuz on Birds Eye. Me and Ruk are fam, and I love watching the kid out here killing it. Salute to Grimewav.

Favourite City to perform?

I’ll get back to ya on that lol.  But for now Providence or Boston. 

Best gig you’ve ever rocked?

My favorite gig based on the other acts was the Block McCloud record release a few years back in Worcester.  Diabolic, Blacistan, Block, Weapon ESP, myself and Milez Grimez.  Shit was 🔥

Best piece of advice you have received?

Just be yourself, and “what they think of you is none of your business”.

Advice for aspiring artists?

Therestoo many emcees not enough mics!! Just kidding …. It would be to tell your truth, not theirs.

Open Mic: Let us know what you’ve got coming up (gig, single, album, merch etc)

Projects with WhiskeyMan, Skinny Bonez The Godfather, and The Suspect Allegedly.  Also some singles with Brutal Caesar!

Check out the latest track and video ‘Aetch Tuo‘ from A-God the Old Soul below.

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