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Fresh after dropping a killer debut album as a key member of the Grimewav crew, Enels is back with a solo project showcasing the emcee’s lyrical and production ability. “Making Our Creator was the most creative and fun time I’ve had in music so far” said Enels. “Being able to have so much control over the project has been an amazing experience”.

Our Creator‘ is an 11 track joint, full of grimey goodness, verbal darts, banging beats and sick features. Enels tells us “I consider all the features on this album friends of mine and some even idols“.

So let’s get stuck into the track by track listening notes!

Knocked Off feat G Fam Black
Great way to kick off the album with the scratching and atmospheric / eerie production. Great juxtaposition to G Fam Black’s vocal delivery. Enels attacks the mic from the get go – passionate and enigmatic. Well placed ad-libs, track is really balanced. Tight track.

Fuck Around feat Frank White
Gives me a computer game kinda vibe with the production, but a snapping drunk and reverberating bassline makes this much darker. Again, Enels unique vocal style gets highlighted by the contrast of the production and quality mix. Frank White comes in and cements his spot on the joint too – rugged delivery spit with venom. Banger.

Different Mood feat Reignmakers
It’s not just the sample at the start, it’s the overall vibe of the joint – like a horror movie. A cautionary tale, dark, eerie…. different from the first two joints but seamless and cohesive. Reignmakers really spit it and Enels delivers again with clever and crafty wordplay.

Valley of Kings feat Termanology
Love the beat – back to a more ‘traditional’ boom bap style vibe and the scratches for the hook are just next level. Lyrically it’s solid and letting the beat, scratches and adlibs breathe at the end of the track gives it a sick balance.

Our Creator Freestyle
Dark, brooding and slowed right down to showcase the versatility of Enels as an emcee. A quality way to deliver an ‘interlude’ of sorts and bite-sized enough to have maximum impact.

Enels Our Creator

Sunken feat Hanzo Bladez
Hanzo on the beat and mic with this one. Love the subtle differences in production style with this joint having a more soulful / funk influence while still giving us the real. Bladez is equally adept on the mic and kicks the joint off right, while Enels closes out with an introspective angle.

Teks feat Pacewon
Big fan of this track having heard it a while back. Still, when it comes on I just sit up a bit straighter and get that stankface on. The drums kick and the scratching from DJ Clif is epic. Then Pacewon comes in and slays it with his varied flow. Banging joint that still hits hard 4 or 5 months since it’s release as a single.

The Greats feat Mo Rukuz
The piano is trill, and we get that real basement-dusty vibe from this one. Again Enels showcases the versatility with flow, delivering a joint that Griselda would be proud of. Mo Rukuz joins Enels on the track with his gruff, grimey flow adding yet another element to the overall listening experience.

Metal Mouf feat Lace Fueg & Mo Rukuz
This one really stands out from the jump. The beat just hits a little different from some of the others on the joint and Enels is at his ‘big dick’ best with boastful bars. Lace Fueg hits the track HARD and rips it like a pit bull on a steak. Again we get some Mo Rukuz who is just brutal on this one. Had to go back and spin this twice straight up.

Back Again feat Ren Thomas
Some nice aired out production on this one with a lighter, free flowing feel. Enels matches the track’s vibe too while Ren Thomas is a really nice addition to the track and album overall. I could see this being a single or video and getting mad play.

The Test of Time feat Mo Rukuz
Way to close out this album with an introspective, deep track that paints vivid pictures of the Grimewav tale. Enels and Mo are a great combination and even better when they are in this ‘storytelling’ pocket. Very strong finish to a great album.

‘Our Creator’ is a well-crafted, considerate release balancing a variety of hip hop elements. Lyrically, everyone does their thing and Enels can hang with anyone, no doubt. Sonically, the production – even though largely handled by Enels as well, shows maturity and cohesion. This has all the makings of one of the better hip hop releases of 2021. Now for another listen!

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