James Joyce the Squatch

We love uncovering new artists. New, quality music – especially when it’s well done, is a welcome thing to true hip hop heads and now we get to share it with you. What’s even BETTER than finding a dope new artist or track though, is when you do a little digging and find they have TWO bangers that have dropped in 2021! Both these tracks went straight to the playlist for real, and will likely end up on yours too. Let’s cop a look.

James Joyce the Squatch is a Brooklyn NY native who reps Waterbury CT. Preacher of all things Scumbag. With a range between Grimey and alternative hip-hop, it’s very difficult to box him in any specific sound but end result proves it’s always filth. It’s hard to argue when you’ve just smashed ‘Brown Recluse‘ featuring Tame One and ‘Sign Language‘ featuring Grimewav back to back to back for the past 30 minutes.

Brown Recluse‘ has a sick rock riff, over some traditional hip hop drums. There’s an understated energy in the track which is enhanced by the commanding flow – similar to Nxne – which means you just can’t nod the noggin. Tame One is a well-known name in hip hop circles from Artifacts, Leakbros, Weathermen etc but James Joyce the Squatch proves that he’s on this level by meeting Tame at the pinnacle on this track.

Sign Language‘ is another banger, with a similar but varied feel. There is a stronger, grimier feel to this track with the scumbags theme throughout the hook adding to the filth. This is haunting hip hop at its best and when you add the Grimewav crew into the mix, the dirtier this joint gets.

James Joyce the Squatch has now hit our watchlist and we’ll be checking for anything bearing his name from here on in. We suggest you do the same.

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