Featuring Anu El of Dead Poets Society…

The title really does fit the EP well as it reminds me of the early 2000s! ‘Denku’ style which is similar to say ‘Eastern Conference’, especially ‘Cage’ or ‘Copywrite’. The production is top notch and ‘Bo Faat’ and ‘Anu El’ knock it out the park and really match the beats to fit ‘Denku’ style seamlessly. From the first track ‘Ab-Normal’ (even the title is a metaphor!) “A-b blood type far from normal”: abnormal! Get it?! Good! And the title is as abnormal as the style and I dig it. Normal is boring and good to see someone not following trends and fads. If you want a banging beat then ‘Cingular Plural’ is that track or ‘Black Widow’ and the latter is one of my fav tracks and has the 90s Mobb Deep sound! ‘into Dust’ closes the EP up nicely and what a track it is. From the sick flip of a well known Hip Hop track and if you Recognize the samples then you know and, also featuring the one and only ‘Ruste Juxx’ you know it’s Fuego. ‘Denku’, ‘Bo Faat’ and ‘Anu El’ really delivered on this joint, don’t miss out and make sure to hit these guys up on their socials.

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By Brutus Maximus

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