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This is one of those moments in time that we really see just how the hip hop community shows their love, support and appreciation for the culture and the artists within it. You know the name Reckonize Real – he has been delivering FLAMING HOT beats for a minute now and we have covered his work with The Bad Seed, as one third of supergroup Savagelands, the dopeness with Supreme Cerebral, his work with Mayhem of EMS and PLENTY more. Now, Reck has released ‘The Flood‘ which is an album of insane beats (all available for purchase too!) and you should check it out.

Let’s hear it from Reckonize Real himself…

On 9/01/2021, Hurricane Ida hit the Northeast, parts of New York and Jersey got it bad. Queens got hit with severe floods. The flood completely submerged my basement studio- destroying computer backups, keyboards, turntables, speakers and countless records… not to mention my car, the furniture and an irreplaceable movie collection. Kitchen sink somehow made it though. I realize many had it worse, especially in Louisiana. Prayers for those that suffered loss of life or lost they homes. I’m breathing and can rebuilt but it will take some time. I appreciate those who showed love on social, called, checked in, etc. I hope y’all can show love one more time. Some mentioned a GoFundMe, which I cannot do in good conscious so if you wanna help me rebuild and expedite the return, this is the best way I could think of doing that. A flood of instrumentals I have remaining from attachments in my email. These beats are the last of an era, aside from projects recorded yet to be released“.

Everyone has their struggles, everyone has done it really tough over the past couple of years with the worldwide pandemic, floods, earthquakes, illness etc. So, if you have the capacity to help, let’s make it happen! If not, just spread the word, bump some music etc – every little bit helps and we can get back to hearing more dope music from Reckonize Real in the near future. (Plus, it ain’t a hand out, these are SERIOUSLY dope beats!!!)

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