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It’s always a slight barrier when hip hop projects are in different languages, as I am far from proficient in anything other than English, but Lerics Dalyricist has such a passion for hip hop and the art of emceeing that you can feel it, even if you need to Google translate the lyrics to actually catch what he’s saying! This latest project from the prolific poet is the ‘No Shortcut‘ EP with Killabong. Chances are, you’ve already heard ‘Fearless with Es sharing the mic and Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha on the wheels, but this is a seven track project with more than a single banger!

Lerics crafts his rhymes around his world, with each song and project giving us a little insight into the man behind the mic, and this EP is no different with tracks like ‘Tribu‘ and ‘No Shortcuts‘. Then you have the deep, inspired and introspective ‘A Long Time Ago‘ and ‘Love for the Lost Ones‘ and you can feel the vision behind the verses that Lerics is sharing with the listeners. Finally, on tracks like ‘Bubble’ and ‘Prolific Poet’ we get ta behind the scenes look at “the passion of words and love for phrases” that make Lerics the emcee that he is, and allows him to deliver such important and intricate bars which feel equally as therapeutic for himself as they are entertaining for others.

The other key element to this project is the beat choice, and Killabong has done a brilliant job of crafting and audio soundscape that is delicate and daring, that suits the complexity of Lerics’ bars, but supports them rather than outshines them. The beats and the bars live in a beautiful harmony and create a listening experience which is somewhat ethereal but hella engaging. Even with the bi-lingual emcee flowing in and out of French and English, you ride every bar and every beat because you can tell it’s important.

Make sure you check out this project and let us know what you think!

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