Recognize Ali &Bronze Nazareth
Season Of The Seven Front Cover

Season of the Seven is right up the front of the running for album of the year! It’s Raw, full of Flava just like your top Thai food spot and more soulful than Soul Train and has some of the best sampling an chopping I’ve heard, so big props to Bronze Nazareth for the back drop he created to let Recognize Ali flow like a lava lake across the ancient city of Pompeii destroying everything in it’s path. Recognize Ali has been killing it for a while now but last year he really stepped up his game with his work rate, his quality and he hasn’t let his foot off the gas in 2021! Rec Ali could possibly win album of the year for a consecutive year running and with Bronze on the boards its as album to not miss.

Season Of The Seven Back Cover

‘God Aura’ kicks the joint off right. With Rec Ali showing his fierce flow over the brass laced beat you can already guess that this ride is gonna be full of soul, emotional as well as raw energy. ‘Tear drops in the sky’ amps it up with a feature from ‘King Magnetic’, ‘Verbal Kent’ and orchestral samples to give it emotion. Street gospel has those raw strings That Wu Tang used heavily in the late 90s and it just sounds so raw with those dusty drums behind it. “The good ones don’t live long shorty die young, the road is mad rocky but we still ride on, a side arm is all I need to shift your spine dawg, you can achieve anything you put your mind on, a ghetto prophet spitting that street gospel” Rec Ali killed it with this verse for real. ‘Silver Spear Promise’ is one of my favourite tracks man its an absolute banger and the samples are wild man props to Bronze for this flip, it’s tight as a ducks ass.

Recognize Ali & Bronze Nazareth

The title track see Bronze showing off his skills and its reminds me off some ‘Ghostface Killah ‘ s**t man it’s raw but real smooth. It’s soulful, raw, emotional, bouncy and energetic. ‘How many times’ still keeps the energy and soul burning, with some tight drums and Rec Ali still ripping every bar this far into the album is why he’s one of, if not the best in the game, dude just keeps going and the rest of ‘Season of the Seven’ doesn’t fall flat in any area even right at the end it’s still on point but ya’ll can see for yourself. If you haven’t heard it yet, you should. I just spent time with it as it was in heavy rotation so I tried to let the hype die down within myself to give it a true review and even then, I’m still hyped!

Bangers: God Aura, Hand Count The Cake, Tear Drops In The Sky, Street Gospel, Silver Spear Promise, Season Of The Seven, How Many Times, How We Roll

Score: 10/10 With an album this good it’s only right it gets a perfect score. From the raw style sampling and drums to Recognize Ali’s ability to devour any beat he gets on, Season Of The seven hits the spot.

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