BoFaat The World is a Dark Place

Translated to ‘The World is a Dark Place‘ the new album from German producer BoFaat delivers filthy, boom bap beats and some of the illest underground emcees in the game. BoFaat is continually gaining recognition and momentum in hip hop circles with his hard hitting, crafty and authentic hip hop beats. With this latest album – on the back of a very solid Drunken Monks joint ‘Destiny’ – he’s only adding to that rise.

“The idea to give this album a German title came from Kenneth Masters with whom I worked on an album with nearly 2 years ago. He thought it would be dope to give my new producer album a German name” BoFaat tells us. “So the title idea – The world is a dark place – came almost automatically due to the state of the world right now…not only because of the pandemic but also because of all the other shit that’s happening all over the world – let it be corruption , police brutality, racism and the list is goes on and on”.

The current state of the world clearly influenced the making of this album and it shows through BoFaat’s beats which are dark, ominous and dusty. Providing a canvas of music and nothing more, BoFaat enlisted a host of emcees who he has previously worked with to create this hip hop jawn. Without direction or guidance, artists such as Blaq Poet, Mo Rukuz, Taiyamo Denku, G Fam Black, Bad Seed, Marz One and plenty more clearly picked up on the nature of the production and brought their hardest bars.

“I carefully picked the MCs. These are all rappers I previously worked with and also continue doing so for solo projects…I just gave the beats to the artists and didn’t give any instructions for the topics.. I thought the beat would just inspire them enough” advises BoFaat.

When you already have established chemistry, the results are going to be a lot more authentic and that is what this album is. It’s a collaborative effort from all involved, everyone having a respect for the other and coming to the project with greatness in mind. I love BoFaat’s style of production and although this is even darker and more grimey than his ‘standard’ boom bap, he has that 90’s golden era feel that just puts me in the right frame of mind.

Bangers: Reign Supreme, Razor Blade Flow, Butane, Comin With Tha Hate, Filthy Guilt and plenty more.

Score: 9 / 10. This pairing of mic rippers and BoFaat is a hip hop heads dream. It’s rough, rugged and raw with beats and bars that will crack the concrete when you roll through. AND most of all, there is a LOT of music here – it’s a full project and no wasted time or space.

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