Blaq Poet Serious Truth Cultural Revolution

We’ve been teased with the release of this album for a while now with singles such as ‘Heavy Industry‘, ‘Man on a Mission‘ and ‘Born & Raised‘ and now that the album is finally here, I can tell you it is packed with dopeness from start to finish. The lead tracks and title of the album, gave listeners an idea of the concept behind the album, but I’ll let the team explain it themselves.

In the wake of the George Floyd murder at the hands of the Minneapolis police, all of us were shocked, angry, let down with the state of our country and the world. Like artists do, Blaq Poet & Serious Truth decided to take the passion in the anger caused by the social climate and economic oppression they’ve experienced and put it into something creative. They set out not only to address the struggle against the police, and the class struggle as a whole, but also to create a resurgence in hip hop being the voice of the streets. Hip hop as it was before the hostile corporate takeover.’

This is mature music which you expect from emcees like Blaq Poet who, as a hip hop senior, is dropping some of the best music of his career. The pairing with Serious Truth is outstanding with the two emcees creating a really nice vibe for the album, working seamlessly together to deliver a cohesive album from start to finish. The messages and lyrics are ‘wise’, varying from overtly in your face societal messaging, to carefully crafted first person perspectives of the state to the world.

When you add the fact that these messages are delivered over a big, heavy sounding drum / beat set, you have all the hallmarks of a hip hop album that is relevant, has replay value and bangs. It’s a no brainer to label this joint one of the better hip hop releases of 2020. Not only is the music on point, but the message is too and as we move forward and round out what has been a tumultuous year, ‘Cultural Revolution’ makes for a nice addition to your soundtrack or playlist.

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