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If you haven’t heard of Dee Stakz, that’s fine, but it won’t be long until you do. Dee Stakz represents Melbourne, Australia these days having been raised in Australia from a young age. The Malaysian born emcee discovered music and a young age and the love for it hasn’t waned. While it has been a different journey for the super-smooth spitter, he is back after a 12 year hiatus and recapturing his love for music, hip hop and finding a way to infuse his rap / hip hop style with other music genres.

This week, Dee Stakz just dropped his latest single featuring none other than Snoop Dogg. The track is called ‘Bang’ and it also features C-Dubb on the hook. It’s an aptly named track too, because it really slaps, dripping with that West Coast funk flavour we all grew up loving. Prior to this joint, he also had a track with Bay Area legend E-40 called ’40 Stakz’ which was another cleverly crafted funky joint. Check that one HERE.

After you’ve heard Stakz spit, you can hear some of his influences and how he studied some of the best in the game to create his own individual style, flow and flair. He credits 2Pac, Mac Dre, E-40 as influences and also lists Notorious B.I.G, Nas, Big L and Michael Jackson as other artists he grew up paying mad attention to.

Now you know a bit more about a talented young cat by the name of Dee Stakz, so get out there and follow him on all the socials, stream his new singles and make sure you stay checking for him. It won’t be long until everyone knows the name.

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