Most of you will know of super-producer Stu Bangas who has been an integral part of the underground hip hop scene for more than a decade. No doubt most of you will be aware of huge body of work he’s created over the past 10 years or so and essentially ALL of you will have nodded, bumped or banged your head to one of his tracks whether you knew it or not.

Stu Bangas is a driving force behind some of the undergrounds best albums and anthems such as Beats & Blood, Cannibal Hulk, Machete Mode and Watson & Holmes. He also drops some first class production for your favourite artists like Vinnie Paz, Apathy, Sean Price, Chino XL and MANY more.

So, now you know who you’re dealing with! We took the time to have a chat with the beat-making sensation and you can read the interview below.

A lot of people know OF Stu Bangas but not alot ABOUT Stu Bangas. Outside of being a Dad, a dope producer and one of the hardest working people in hip hop, what are some of your other passions?

I work as a case manager at an inpatient facility for people struggling with addiction, mental health disorder and co-occurring disorders (combination of the two, which is quite prevalent). Lifting weights has always helped my anxiety and depression and I do that frequently, about 5 times a week. Raising my son provides me with a lot of purpose and fulfillment as well.

We get daily insight into your beats via social media, how many beats would you make on average per week? Of those, how many generally get picked up and how many hit the cutting room floor?

I would say on average I’ll make 8-10 a week (on a normal week). If I have another day off from my job as a case manager/clinician I’d say that’s closer to 12 a week… so on average 4 a day (if I’m Not working that day) Of those that get picked I’d say only about (this is a rough guess) 30% get picked, which shows the benefit to making more, therefore increasing the prevalence with which a beat gets sold/used. Of course we always want to walk the line between quality and quantity, but there is a direct correlation between more quantity of beats made and more beats being sold/used.

When you craft a beat, do you ever just think of an emcee that you can ‘hear’ over it?

Absolutely. I have a group of guys I work with closely and I can usually predict which one will a specific beat, after I’ve made it. Although in some instances they surprise me!

What’s your process for creating?

I am digging daily, this new age of social media and internet has made this possible. I have access to a lot of vinyl and samples I did not have prior to this, and I invest heavily in samples. I also utilize the sample packs which are now being made. So I am listening to samples daily. I get what I like set up and organized throughout the week, so that when I have time to make beats I don’t have to waste time looking too much, I sit down and just start chopping samples.

You recently had 5 tracks on the new Vinnie Paz album, which one was your favourite and what was it like working with him?

I don’t have a personal favorite per say, but I am happy with how all 5 turned out. Working with Paz is quite an opportunity for exposure and he is one of the best people I’ve met, inside or outside of music. We have been working together since his Season of the Assassin album and I look forward to continuing that relationship. He is just a really good person, and I consider him to be a friend.

Beats & Blood dropped at the start of the year, and it was super impressive. And now you’ve announce the new Watson & Holmes will be out in April. What else is in the pipeline for 2020?

Thank you! Appreciate it. Yes so the 3rd Installment of Watson and Holmes is out APRIL 3rd on Vinyl at: and Digital / Streaming Everywhere. I’ve got a lot in the pipeline that I am very excited about… I have two beats on the upcoming ILL BILL and Nems album, beats on the upcoming ILL BILL solo album, one song has two really crazy features on it (that’s all I can say) and a beat or two on the upcoming Apathy solo album. Aside from that I think the next project I’m putting out will be a joint project with Goretex aka Lord Goat from Non Phixion. This will be out 2020, and I think a lot of people will enjoy it! But aside from that, there is A LOT more coming, it’s just a matter of when.

Who were / are some of your inspirations in the game? Who haven’t you worked with but would love to produce a track / album for?

DJ Premier, Alchemist, Sebb, Pete Rock, Rza, Muggs. There are too many to name that I’d like to work with, but I’ll say working with Jadakiss is up there for me.

What are some of the dopest beats of all time that you haven’t produced?

The Format – AZ , Hold On – 50 Cent, Keep it Thoro – Prodigy

Thoughts on the minimalist sound in hip hop? How would there be lunchtable cyphers with no beats??!!!

Haha, it’s ok I suppose…certain samples I like to hear with no drums… but it’s a certain type of sample that works for that… When it’s done in some instances, all it sounds like to me is spoken word poetry, and that doesn’t excite me as much!

Any advice for aspiring producers?

Work, stay focused, be a good person, get better, God will take care of the rest.

A huge thanks to Stu Bangas for taking time out of his hectic schedule to chat to us here at Raw Side Hip Hop. Check out his Spotify artist link below which has a HUGE range of tracks by the main man, and make sure you’re following him on Facebook and Instagram so you keep getting some dope, behind the scenes, ‘making the music’ kind of content that you can’t get elsewhere!

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By Brutus Maximus

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