Barbaric the Foul Mouth Jedi

About a month ago we came across Barbaric The Foul Mouth Jedi with ‘Death Wish’ and were suitably impressed, so now having heard the ‘Barbaric The Destroyer EP‘ it’s only right that we continue to bring you some of the dopest, hardest, boom bap coverage – and the next step is to promote this heat rock.

Barbaric The Foul Mouth Jedi, from Rochester, NY is all about bringing the hardcore hip hop back to the forefront and this EP does exactly that. Building from the ‘Death Wish’ single that was an out and out banger, the Barbaric The Destroyer’ EP sets about decimating that commercial, weak sauce rap, and replacing it with concrete-hardening street anthems. Produced entirely by Polish producer J.F, the beats are on point – drum heavy, lots of feeling and substance, which allows Barbaric to really attack the tracks with his verbal barrage.

The dark, gritty, boom bap EP is a great addition to your hip hop collection for 2021. While it’s only 6 tracks long, every song smacks you upside the head like a set of brass knuckles. ‘The Destroyer‘ has a ‘streets of New York meets prime Dr Dre 2001’ production, ‘Thor Hammer‘ gives that motion picture anthem feel, while ‘07 Sean Price‘ just hits different and is something P would be proud to have his name associated with.

Go and support Barbaric The Foul Mouth Jedi by purchasing this joint via Bandcamp or streaming on whatever DSP you use.

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