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While we await the upcoming ‘Home School‘ album from Spit Gemz, he has treated us over the past week to some epic music in the form of spoken word / slam poetry bars (Chinatown Sound), album sampler and now ‘The Mercy Of The Dice‘. Spit Gemz is more than an emcee, he is an ELITE lyricist with a razor sharp pen and an intellect shaped by his own design. Gemz doesn’t make music just to make music, he prides himself on making music that matters, and ‘The Mercy Of The Dice‘ is just another chapter in that collection of vernacular.

Everything Gemz touches turns to gold. His solo albums are a thing of beauty and he just keeps getting better, sharper, more in tune with his voice and craft. His collaborative effort with Eff Yoo as Rikers Island Boxing School won ‘Album Of The Year’ in 2021, ahead of some other outstanding candidates. All this points to something truly special dropping at the end of this week, when ‘Home School‘ hits our headphones.

Until then, press play below and enjoy the flow.

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