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BANGER | Poe Mack – Dues & Don’ts (prod. Van Gunz, cuts by Tone Spliff)

Poe Mack Dues & Don'ts

Poe Mack is back with ‘Dues & Don’ts‘, the first single from his upcoming release ‘Mountain God 2‘ produced entirely by Van Gunz. This joint hits nicely with big drums that snap and some really crisp cymbals which provide a soundscape for Poe Mack and his robust vocal delivery to really standout over the track. The cuts are precision which is what we expect from Tone Spliff, and the female vocal highlight gives this a really dope vibe. Poe Mack needs more love, he knows how to really pen bars and his flow is infectious and ‘Dues & Don’ts‘ is just further evidence of this.

Check the track out below and if you dig it, add it to a playlist, share it etc.

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