With Jeru’s return to the game this year with the album ‘Heroz4hire’ Jeru decides to re-release a banger from a few years back featuring the one and only Cult Leader AKA ill Bill and it’s definitely one for the head out there fiending for that underground Ish. The Title ‘Monopoly’ really fits the song. Usually rappers these days being calling their track some weird ass ish that don’t even have anything to do with what’s being said in the bars, for instance ‘Turkey Noodle Soup’ dude no one cares what you had for dinner! Food and luxurious item titled tracks usually  an indication that the track will have no meaning just bars over beats. But this right here is deep as hell and it’s the type of ish Hip Hop was founded on. This song really puts the real problem of the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and it’s a reality filled track that can put the divide of class in perspective. Both Jeru and Bill really light this up with real talk ish and the beat is chill but emotional so really fits in the whole theme. Definitely a banger not to be missed. Enjoy.

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By Brutus Maximus

Founder of Raw Side Hip Hop. Been rocking with the hip hop culture for over 30 years. Love the creativity, authenticity of the art and the culture as a whole. Shout out to the real ones making and supporting true hip hip and the artists who make it!