I’ve had the benefit of sitting with this new Juice Headz album for a few days now and it’s allowed me to spin the living hell out of it. It IS only 10 tracks and 20 odd minutes long, but it is one kick ass release. Not being a big baseball fan, I missed a lot of the references the first time around, but it is such a dope album that after a dozen spins and some quick research around the ‘steroid era’ of baseball – I am now all in!

Weapon E.S.P and Ghost of the Machine must be on something performance enhancing as well, because these cats grip mics like a bat and hit BOMBS every time they spit a verse. They’ve blessed the world with THREE tracks from this joint already – ‘Bonds & McGuire‘, ‘98 Sosa‘ featuring LoGun and ‘Power Hitters‘ featuring G Fam Black (side note…. what’s in the water down there? New England emcees are the SH!T right now!!!). This titanic trio of tracks is enough to make sure you buy the album when it drops on September 4th, but if you are in ANY doubt, let me clarify this for you….

The first song from this joint is arguably one of the best songs I have heard in 2020. And that’s no bullshit or exaggeration. Weap told me he might just have the best intro track of the year, and I waited until I heard it before weighing in on the topic – but it really is. ‘The Juice Era‘ with DJ Grasshoppa and some silky smooth Notorious B.I.G samples…. WOOOOOO. Track had me like Ric Flair. The track is SO damn good, I told him we gotta make a remix as a full length posse cut. Get LoGun, Speak! the Rebel, G Fam Black, Estee Nack etc on that joint and give me a classic.

So with FOUR absolute bangers already confirmed, this album is a must-have. The authentic, honest and raw lyrical ability and delivery makes every verse on every track, worth your headspace. The entire album, while not a ‘concept’ album in its truest form, blends seamlessly from beginning to end.

What draws my admiration? What is that which gives me joy? This freaking album. Real talk.

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By Brutus Maximus

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