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We’ve been hearing the name and some dope music from G Fam Black for a couple of years now. The gruff-voiced emcee has provided some big street bangers over the past couple of years, with 2020 really making him a staple in the underground hip hop scene. So, we decided to check in with ‘Brockton’s Mayor’ and let hip hop heads get some insight into who IS G Fam Black and how did he storm our playlists with reckless abandon!

Talk to the fans and let them know who G Fam Black is and your journey so far.
PEACE my G. Preciate you reachin out an the introduction. I go by G Fam Black an Ima emcee outta Brockton Mass. I been puttin out music since the end of 2018 wit my first release ‘Ski Mask Down.’ Since then I dropped about 20 projects with a gang of underground emcees an producers.

We have to know – the ski mask, give us the story behind it?!
HAHAHA yeah man I get that a lot. In my past jobs the ski mask was part of the work uniform. When I came out wit music I never wanted to show my face so the ski mask was the goto mask. It’s kinda like what the DOOM mask is to Metal Fingers.

New England or Massachusetts has become a bit of a hip hop hot spot right now. Has it always been the case or is this a relatively new phenomenon?
I’m prolly a little bias but I think Mass got the best emcees an producers in the game. We been had a dope hip hop scene but we been in the shadow of NY for decades. We been had shit like Wreck Shop Movement an Leedz Edutainment that been bringin out artists for years an helpin to put local artists on stage. There’s way too many cats to name an I know I’ma leave some out so I’ma jus say check out the scene out here if you ain’t hip.

2020 was a particularly big year for you with a mountain of projects. Talk us through some of them.
Thanks G, 2020 was dumb busy. I caught a wave an was mad inspired so I took ery offer I was given for collabs an projects. I ended up droppin 14 joints in 2020 mostly collab projects wit other producers an emcees.

I started the year with a project with my Knuckle Dragguz brother UGLYJON. He a producer outta Japan that make some dirty ass beats that I fuck with heavy.

One of the projects was ‘The Prequel’ Derelict Division, me an GeneralBackPain out of Inglewood CA. This was once of my favorites I ever put out just off the strength of GBP. Dude is a dope emcee an mad fun to work with. 

I dropped 3 projects produced by Chuck Chan in 2020 too. Phonomania, Hot Dose and Snuff Film. Chuck is a beast and me and him got dope chemistry. All of those tapes got the grimey east coast boom bap feel.

One of my favorites was produced by P-Ro from Unstable Components an Knuckle Dragguz. It’s called ‘Tales From The Black Side’. The whole project was all story raps. Tali Rodriguez also from Knuckle Dragguz produced a tape for me called Hammers

‘The Most Savage’ is my project prod by CLOAQxDAGGER. That’s the homies Crack Sizzlack an Mathias. My project with them I reached out to some of my favorite cats to jump on features wit me. Every track got at least 1 feature on it. There was a lot more includin 2 EPs produced by Netherlands producer Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha.

G Fam Black

How has COVID changed things for you?
Covid helped me be able to focus more on music. When it first popped off erythin was shut down out here. One of my homies gotta lab in his house an I jus started spendin mad time writin an recordin. It deff slowed my money up tho. Still waitin on that stimulus….

You work with a variety of people when creating. Who would you love to work with in the future?
Shit there so many cats I wanna work wit to be real. Would be dope to work wit emcees like Blaq Poet, Conway, Rec Ali, Smif n Wessun, Josiah the Gift, Ransom, Planet Asia, an mad more. For producers would be dope to work wit Big Ghost, Alchemist, DJ Muggs, Jon Glass, Evilldewer, an Daringer.

Who were some of your inspirations growing up?
For me inspirations wasnt really music. Inspirations came from niggas in my neighborhood puttin work in. I came up broke an the cats inspirin me had new rides an bad bitches. I’m not gon name names but those the type of niggas I looked up to.

Not including your own, what were some of your favourite albums from 2020?
My favorite joints was ‘Reasonable Drought’ by Stove God Cooks an ‘From a King to a God’ by Conway. Those prolly my 2 favorite joints an they both hit front to back.

What can we expect in 2021 from G Fam Black?
2021 off to a good start. So far I dropped ‘Concrete Savior’ with Hybrid Thoughts emcee Aztech. On Feb 5th me an Chairman Chow released the ‘Black Gallagher’ EP. I gotta lot on deck an I don’t wanna give too much away but I’ll tell you we deff gon see a project by my new group 1692 which is me an Enels from Grimewav. You also gon get a project by my other team Knuckle Dragguz. That’s me, Unstable Components (P-Ro & Tali Rodriguez) UGLYJON, & CLOAQxDAGGER (Crack Sizzlack & Mathias). 

Give us your socials and any other links so people can stay up to date with you and your music.
You can find me on IG @gfamblack, Twitter @GFamThePirate, Facebook G FAM BLACK. Preciate yall fuckin wit me an stay tuned cuz a lot on the way. SALUTE!

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