A-God the Old Soul Purified in Fire

If quality, in-depth and well crafted lyrics are what you crave, then let us be your plug and put you onto A-God the Old Soul who has paired with Jus-Listen to drop a fantastic EP titled ‘Purified in Fire‘. If you have peeped the new Grimewav album ‘Clockwork then you may recognize A-God’s name from the track ‘Contradictionz‘ where he rips the mic alongside the Grimegods, but now we get 20+ minutes of ill-flowing, verbal darts.

We love the diversity hip hop delivers, and A-God brings somewhat of a unique flow and story-telling nature that isn’t always prevalent in the game. When you put these poignant lyrics over some incredibly soulful, atmospheric yet head nodding beats – provided impeccably throughout the entire EP by Jus-Listen – the result is fire. Purified in Fire to be exact.

This is a really personal release. You can feel it in the lyrics, the overall theme and the chemistry that A-God has with Jus-Listen. It’s a cohesive listen and something that gets you invested in the rhymes. A really mature release, a fantastic listen and something you should invest 20 minutes in to get a lot back. After multiple spins, it’s still hitting different – and we dig that.

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By Brutus Maximus

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